The Internet is Broken

"The blackhat way"

by Frederic Haddad

The BlackHat Way is full of information that most people don't know about, about the bad things people to do us everyday just to make profit.

Robert Ellis

A must read for everyone. Truly an eye opener on the bad things about the Internet and very informative.

Gary Small

Interesting read. Not everyday do we see a book that exposes some of the secrets that are hidden from the public eye about how the internet works

Steven Kansas

Why I wrote this book?

Me and the Internet are one.

I have been working with my friend, the Internet, for over 20 years now. I have seen its commercial beginnings and the way it has evolved every step of the way. It is truly a fun journey so far. I wanted to take my general knowledge about the Internet and put it in an easy to read book that anyone can pick up and learn about the hidden secrets of the Internet. And so here is volume 1 “The BlackHat Way” that exposes the way of thinking and the secrets of BlackHat people online.


The Internet is full of BlackHat people who want to benefit from you indirectly but leave you damaged silently. The BlackHat Way exposes some of their popular methods in a story form. Blacky Bolton, a curious young guy, embarks on a journey where he discovers what BlackHat means and uses some underground techniques to make a ton of money online in a way that is not known to most people.

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The Internet Is Mine, And It’s Broken, And I’m Not Fixing It

Frederic Haddad

If BlackHat people can monetize an opportunity (that is, convert it to money), and especially if they can scale it (that is, make money from a big mass of people), then they will do it—happily so—and even create their own sub-markets to serve that BlackHat opportunity.

Frederic Haddad


Frederic Haddad is the COO & Managing Director of Coddict, a digital marketing agency specialized in high traffic websites. He grew up with the Internet and has been a heavy user for over 20 years.

He is very passionate and knowledgeable about everything related to the Internet and keeps discovering new things everyday. You can read his personal blog at: